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Music - Dance - Competitions: prizes and give-aways to match the theme of the evening!

Zero offers a safe place to socialise and meet other young people as well as offer opportunities to access information and advice on a range of health and relationship issues.

Zero holds its under 18's event exclusively at Club Neo during school holidays. Zero events attract up to 550 young people at every event. For more information visit:

Facebook page: Word Up.

Or contact Denise Dunford or Shirley Courage on 01935 462462 or email: zero@southsomerset.gov.uk

Zero Aims:

To provide a safe nightclub environment for young people aged 14 to 18 years. The event promotes alcohol free venues and young people are encouraged not to drink alcohol before attending the events. To enforce this policy:

  • Young people may be randomly breath tested prior to entry (parents will be contacted if under 18's fail the breath test)
  • Bag searches will take place
  • Random body frisks may take place by approved staff

The events are zero tolerant to anti-social behaviour. To enforce this policy:

  • Staff challenge inappropriate language and behaviour
  • Police Community Support Officers and/or Police Officers are present

Zero events finish at 11:00pm and our aim is for young people to return home, not to leave groups wandering the streets.

The event promotes safe routes home and young people are encouraged to arrange a lift home with a responsible adult. To enforce this policy:

  • Young people will be challenged if they wish to leave early
  • Parents may be contacted to confirm consent for their child to leave
  • Staff will ask young people to identify their lifts
  • Staff will endeavour to ensure safe passage to car parks
  • Liaison will take place with Yeovil town CCTV